Apparent Attenuation in yeast selection

Posted by Jeff McClain on October 02, 2003 at 18:21:30:


It would sure be nice if you could put the expected FG solve based on the yeast selected's apparent attenuation numbers and the anticipated OG of the recipe. Not sure if you could put that in the High/Low attenuation section on the yeast selection or in the fermentation area for a session.

Basically, it would be nice to have the program take the anticipated OG and the yeast selected and print a high/low anticipated FG based on the high/low values for the attenuation of the yeast strain selected according to the equation: [OG-FG]/[1-OG] x 100 = Attenuation (in percentage). Solve for the FG by plugging in the high and low attenuation:

FG(high) = OG - [(Atten(low)/100) * (1-OG)]
FG(low) = OG - [(Atten(high)/100) * (1-OG)]

Maybe this is already there somewhere?


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